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It was May 1, 1958, when San Francisco’s 1260/KYA first burst on the Bay Area scene as Golden Gate Great Radio with the coolest Top 40 music played anywhere.

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Over the next quarter century, popular personalities like Emperor Gene Nelson, Russ “The Moose” Syracuse, “Big Daddy” Tom Donahue, Johnny Holliday, Tom Campbell, Chris Edwards, Bwana Johnny, Mike Cleary, Gary Shaffer and Ed Hider and helped elevate the original 1260 KYA to legendary status.

Now, Gary Mora’s CLASSIC 1260 KYA RADIO returns as your personal time machine, taking you back to the 1960s and 1970s (and even the 1950s!) with your favorite Golden Gate Greats and memories of cruising with your buddies, diggin’ a drive-in movie on Friday night, checking out the funny cars at Fremont Drag Strip on Saturday, hanging out at Golden Gate Park, heading over to Playland At The Beach and all the things you loved about being a kid … without the homework!

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Remember way back when you could hear real music on your radio? Remember when you could get the feeling of being someplace magical simply by tuning in to a great radio station? Those days have returned with CLASSIC 1260 KYA RADIO!

We’re bringing back all of the original Golden Gate Great Oldies, including local favorites such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sly & The Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, the Syndicate of Sound and Santana! Plus, you’ll hear all the hits by your favorite music groups from the 1950s and 1960s, straight from our KYA 1260 Music Survey archive, including The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Grass Roots, Three Dog Night and The Monkees.

Plus, you’ll hear Classic 1260 KYA jingles and commercials — straight from the vault!

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Gary Mora (Photo)
Papa G!

The Golden Voice of Golden Gate Great Radio is none other than the legendary Gary Mora, one of the Bay Area’s favorite radio personalities and one of the great stars of the original 1260/KYA — yeah, that’s him back in the day (right) — as well as the popular longtime host of the world famous KYA Oldies Road Show.

Gary Mora (1260 KYA Photo)

Gary is one of broadcasting’s top talents, and a stellar voice artist whose clients have included the Fox Network, ABC Network, CNBC, Disneyland, CNN, ESPN, MTV, Sprint PCS, Siebel Systems, Sun Microsystems, Charles Schwab, AOL, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, American Airlines, AT&T, Comcast Cable, Apple Computers and numerous other Fortune 500 Companies. (You can learn more about Gary’s professional voiceover service at

We are deeply indebted to Gary (and his trusty sidekick Super Harlow) for helping us to bring the great sound of Classic 1260 KYA Radio to you once again!

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In addition to Gary spinning the Golden Gate Greats throughout the week, Classic 1260 KYA is your home every Saturday morning for Geoff Dorsett’s Solid Gold Sixties (8-9 AM Pacific), followed by two hours with Gary Jackson’s My Generation (9-11 AM Pacific) direct from England.

Your Sunday morning features John, Paul, George, Ringo … and Dennis! – a full two hours of the Fab Four with Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles (9-11 AM Pacific).

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We’re spinning the coolest Top 40 Oldies in Full Spectrum High Fidelity Stereo across the Bay Area and around the world! Tune in to CLASSIC 1260 KYA RADIO at home, on the road, via the Internet or even on your cell phone.

We highly recommend the convenient and portable TuneIn app, which lets you take Classic 1260 KYA with you wherever you go!